Reflection week 2

Reflecting on the subject of data tracking, inspired by Brett Gaylors web documentary serie “Do not track”.

Gaylors docu-serie “Do not track” concentrate about privacy, how your (nearly) every move is being watched and tracked. As this semester has evolved, so has my appreciation for privacy and fright of loosing it.

The documentary woke me up, and for a moment got me terrified of my iPhone flashlight! Isn´t that just crazy! Check out episode 4 “the spy in my pocket”. First thing to do: turn off geo-location! ha ha, give it maximum 2 days and you have to turn it on, either for maps, snap chat or other apps. At one point I gave it a thought; that “anyone” can track me down and knock on my door..  Well, “they” don’t really want me do they. They want my data, my statistics, my whereabouts so that I can help make them rich.
While writing this down I felt like such an exaggerator. After given it a second thought, I am not – at all!

Check out Do not track  here!

We have been given these amazing solutions, shortcuts, and now we don´t know how to go on in life without them. Just a simple example, Bergen´s travel planner app “Skyss”. With geo-location on you can find stops nearby, with geo-location off you need to figure out where you are and then walk around hoping to find a stop, the right stop. It feels like a silly example, but I have been in this exact situation numerous times and it is a hassle! And as you now have put your geo-location on, you are located.

A friend responded to my interest of data tracking. She told me about tracking through gps. How I am tracked; what I am looking at, how long I am looking at it, then to be reminded of the product on my social media. Note: I have not done any research on this.

We will always be exploited for advertisement, in some way or other. Sharing is caring, why not recommend that genius product! Everyone has to know about it, it´s life changing! In some cases personal aimed commercial/advertisement might be considered beneficial. How ever, I believe that knowledge and transparence is the key. The freedom to choose if you want specially selected ads for you or random ads. And the knowledge to understand when ads are based on your tracks or not.

I got notified on Instagram that they are now filling up my feed with advertisement based on my click-history and picture-watch-duration. If I look at a picture of a purse for a longer time, you bet I will be seeing that purse again. A month ago or so I came over a desk on Instagram (on my iPhone), a beautiful Italian wooden desk. I started google it (on my computer), in search for price.. (expensive) The desk is still haunting me!! It is everywhere, online, every other day!

The saying ”If a product is free, you are the product” is a valid allegation, to a certain extend.

On one hand data tracking is frightening and freaking me out! At the same time I find it extremely interesting. I am glad to have some knowledge and insight about data tracking and advertisement.


I need to learn more about this! I have so many thoughts and questions, and I don´t want to make any wrong statements.


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